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24"X24" Fine giclee print on William Turner textured cotton watercolor paper. Contact me to purchase and arrange pick up if you would like to buy the framed version of this piece. ABOUT THIS PIECE OF ART: "This painting came together with a “soul food to the bones” trip to Israel, just before the multi-month shut-down at the beginning of the pandemic. The medium is clay and acrylic paints, with a dash of Sharpie marker! One day, after many months of digesting our road trip around Israel, I went to the garden with a large canvas and paints. I propped my easel against the peach tree and dove in. As I wholeheartedly scrawled and painted with big swooping movements, I felt permeated by walks along the Mediterranean Sea, savoring the warm puffed pitas at a little road side restaurant with friends and walking through the colorful, busy scene in a market in Israel. I can still see the scene - weaving from indoor to outdoor with a fresh slice of orange-glazed knafe on a red plastic plate in my hand. The wide-open landscape also (of course) found its way in, and flowed back out as a I painted. I hope it is a treat for you too." - Dave

Tree of Life

  • These archival prints are the absolute best we could find for depth of color, detail and longevity. Each one is created using high-end inkjet technology, resulting in incredible, vibrant reproductions. Paired with papers made by leading manufacturers, this combination gives these prints amazingly-vivid colors and extremely high lightfastness. The process has been independently tested for print permanence which determined they will last up to 200 years for color and 400 years for black-and-white prints.

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