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20"x24" Hand-stretched canvas print on .75 inch wooden frame. Vibrantly-printed with UV-resistant, solvent free inks.  About the piece: "I did this large ink drawing almost 30 years ago, yet I still am fond of the forms and movement of the piece and see the relationship to what I am creating today. At the time, I was intensely interested in the anatomy and social behaviors of ants and how we humans might learn a thing or three from them. I was also newly discovering my relationship to my own body, the movement of energy through it and the rest of life and the question of what is time? Many experiences later, I see that I still have many questions related to all of these topics." - Dave


Self-Portrait, 1995

  • These archival prints are the absolute best we could find for depth of color, detail and longevity. Each one is created using high-end inkjet technology, resulting in incredible, vibrant reproductions. Paired with papers made by leading manufacturers, this combination gives these prints amazingly-vivid colors and extremely high lightfastness. The process has been independently tested for print permanence which determined they will last up to 200 years for color and 400 years for black-and-white prints.

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