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12"x16" Limited edition, signed giclee print with added clay paint and sumi brushwork - making your print an ORIGINAL!  Lovingly printed on William Turner textured cotton watercolor paper for depth and palpable feel. One framed version available in beautiful antique frame.


From Dave: "The original manifestation of this Green Child was in the painting titled "The Storm," and this variation was taken from there, painted and re-born in a limited edition of prints with custom detailing that I lovingly do (while probably listening to the heavenly/earthly music of Toumani Diabate) with clay paint and sumi brush moving in time to the kora. I may even dance a little while painting your 'Original Print.' See my notes on Green Man, Green Woman and Green Child in the entry I have written to go with the "The Storm," at this link:

Green Child Tires of Humans

  • These archival prints are the absolute best we could find for depth of color, detail and longevity. Each one is created using high-end inkjet technology, resulting in incredible, vibrant reproductions. Paired with papers made by leading manufacturers, this combination gives these prints amazingly-vivid colors and extremely high lightfastness. The process has been independently tested for print permanence which determined they will last up to 200 years for color and 400 years for black-and-white prints.

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