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Codex Doors Opening.Jan 5, SHARING psd copy.jpg

David X.Pratt

Art for Waking Up

The Illuminated Codex

of The Sacred Valley 

Welcome to the Sacred Valley, an impossible and a real place, teeming with life in images echo-ing the design of planetary movements and the coursing of life through a single grasshopper's wings. Walk mountainous landscapes and discuss essential, meaningful questions with scores of hummingbirds as you pass through... See more...


Photographs of Peru, 2023

My Nikon D3500 and I walked the dusty trails around Urubamba, up the mountainous terraced steps of Ollantaytambo, through Machu Picchu, Cusco and more.


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The Storm Series

Born from the chaos and storms (physical and figurative) of pandemic times, the work in this collection is both volatile, active and supports the calm that comes after 100 mph winds have torn down trees and a new sun is rising. Painting, digital art and photography each played a part in these creations. See more...

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